I got to spend this past weekend in Chicago with some dear friends and to witness Dan step into a whole new level of leadership through his Landmark training. Being around such extraordinary people, I was reminded of just how big of a person I get to be for the World, and how much I haven’t been living into that bigness.  The craziest part is, I have a powerhouse group of people in all areas of my life who listen to and see me as my biggest self; yet for the last few weeks I’ve been hiding, playing small and avoiding failure. I have ideas, thoughts and desires I want to share with the world, and have completely talked myself out of sharing them because I didn’t want them to fail.

One of my favorite notions about failure is that we can actually choose to use failure as a tool to build us up, to inspire us, rather than a thing that breaks us down or makes us quit. When we allow ourselves to view and use failure as a tool, we can give our word to something so much bigger than ourselves and create magic!

The way to create this is by playing a game so big and so new, you actually don’t know how to win it. It’s like playing Euchre for the first time and expecting to be the expert.

Instead, what we can choose to do is view failure only as the thing that will allow us to know what to do next. You see, when you or I play a game so big, we have to take actions we’ve never taken before and risks that seem too big. There is no path or guidebook. Failure IS the guidebook. We take an action, and it doesn’t work. We might take 10 actions that don’t work. The point is that with each action, we discover new information and new ways of being that inform the next step.

We might win our game. And we’ll likely lose the game. The point is that by creating a game you hadn’t been willing to play before, you take actions you’d never taken, therefore create results you’ve never had. And that, is winning.




Because it scares me and to put myself on the line, I’m sharing with you my big game for February:

The Game: Write every day this month AND register 20 people into Mind Tribes programs.

New context I’m living into: There is magic in everything.

What I’m giving up: Complaining!

What I’m creating: Breakthrough results in my income


Where are you avoiding failure where you know you could be taking action? Get out there, create your game, and start playing! I promise magic will come of it.

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