On Wednesday, I declared to write a blog post daily and shared with you that my new context I’m choosing for the month is “there is magic in everything.” Fast forward to Thursday morning and BAM – I’m in a car accident that totals my car and has me recovering in bed for the next few days. Hello opportunity…

I’ve never been in an accident until now, and being so sore you can barely move while feeling hung over is radically different from recovering from the flu. I have already moved through so many emotions: confusion, gratitude, anger, sadness, concern, more gratitude, more confusion. I’m so freaking grateful to walk away essentially unharmed – I’m sore as a mother and have a sprained hand – but looking at my car, you could say I’m damn lucky.

In a short 30 hours, I’ve already had so many opportunities to see the magic here. The first, and most obvious being that I’m OK. But in texting with a friend today, I was moved to tears by the level of love and support that has shown up.

Why do we resist receiving so much? Is the need to take care of ourselves so engrained in our ways of being? Or do we see it as weak? I fully admit that being someone who has my own business and is usually the one at the front of a room, it’s been challenging to allow the generosity in. But having a context to live into informs my actions, you see? I can ask a friend to drop off lunch, another to walk the dog, and a whole community to step forward in leading a retreat I’m supposed to be at this weekend.

There is magic in accepting the generosity of others. When I pause and let myself actually be with the love and generosity being offered, it’s almost overwhelming. It’s fascinating to me that with so many incredible relationships I have in my life, it takes such a conscious choice to allow myself to be served and taken care of. It’s humbling, moving, and heart warming.

All of this could seem like one, fat, cosmic joke; especially given that my initial post for the month was on failure. I hear you, Universe.



I choose to see the magic in the midst of breakdown and chaos. Life is so much more fun and beautiful this way.



**Massive thank you to my husband, my parents, my friends, and In-Powered community for loving on me so much. It takes a village.


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