Meet Up // Yamas & Niyamas: Plumbing the Depths

with Jason


Join Jason on WEDNESDAY, Sept. 18th from 7PM – 9PM (EDT) to explore how to cultivate wholeness with self & others through the ethical guidelines of yoga.
Our asana and meditation practice do not sit in a vacuum; they rest firmly on the foundation of yoga’s ethical system. If we go to our mat or our cushion before we have had a heartfelt conversation with these principles, we do ourselves a huge disservice. The yoga path, as Patanjali lays it out in the Yoga Sutras, is a path that takes the mind from a state of constant movement and disturbance to a state of rest and harmony, and it begins with the practice of the yamas and niyamas.
In this community Meet Up, we will look honestly at our addiction — gross and subtle — to the chaos of disturbance and how we can use these ethical principles to wean ourselves off our addiction into an ever growing tranquility.
Be ready for: Lecture, discussion, self-reflection.

Meet Up Location: York XL (7 E Market St, York, PA 17401)


FREE Community Event


Jason is a creative visionary, yogi and spiritual seeker. He has been teaching yoga and meditation since 2015 in Pennsylvania, Maryland and New Jersey. His own spiritual journey and awakening goes back nearly 20 years. Committed to helping others discover the life-changing benefits of movement and meditation, Jason approaches teaching and coaching with a smile and unbridled adventure.