“A group needs only two things to be a tribe:

A shared interest and a way to communicate.”  ~ Seth Godin




MY TRIBE is a virtual learning community designed to promote the authentic and serious study of yoga. Our aim is to facilitate insightful & engaging online and face-to-face conversations that make a difference for yoga practitioners and teachers, respectively.

Our vision is to cultivate a network of friendships where student can study together, grow together, and work together to radically transform the collective conversations around yoga and conscious living.


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Living in Rhythm: Align w/ the Universe w/ Sarah Yukie Gingrich

Connect with us on Wednesday, February 20th (7:00PM – 8:00PM, CST) via ZOOM to explore how to use the cycle of the universe (lunar, solar and annual) to unfold a rhythm that is nourishing and harmonious.

We are a reflection of the macrocosm we live in, and if we can align ourselves to the daily, monthly and yearly rhythms, we can discover a new vitality and ability to have your life work.

Bring your planner (or existence system) or a journal to practice creating daily, weekly and monthly rhythms. Please contact Dan directly at [email protected] if you have any questions.

Mapping the Shoulders: An Anatomy Talk w/ Dan Houston

Join Dan on Thursday, March 14th (7:00pm-8:30pm, CST) via ZOOM for a special 90-minute anatomy conversation. This workshop is the next installment in the “Mapping & Unlocking Shoulders” series (hosted previously in Feb, 2019 at the Montrose Yoga Coop).

The shoulder girdle is perhaps the most complex and injury-prone joint in the human body. Through this workshop, you will understand the essential anatomy of the rotator cuff, common (asana-specific) injuries, and movement-based approaches to shoulder rehabilitation.

Introduction to Bhakti Yoga w/ Pia Das

“Your heart and my heart are very, very old friends.” – Hafiz

Connect with us on Tuesday, March 26th (8:00PM – 9:00PM, CST) via ZOOM tofor an informal discussion on the path of Bhakti yoga, the yoga of Love and Devotion.

We will discuss some of the practices of Bhakti Yoga, including chanting the Maha mantra, and how you might connect to life with a more open heart and deeper devotion.  Feel free to bring any questions.  No prior experience is necessary.


A full-time mover and student at heart, Dan is known for his ability to blend movement principles with applied anatomy to produce dramatic results for his students. He is committed to empowering his students to adopt a whole-life movement paradigm that provide them access to an individualized, long-term, and pain-free practice.

His commitment as a teacher is to reliably & effectively carry the yoga tradition. On this path, he aims to guide students to be responsible for cultivating their own personal practice, joint & bone health, and energetic awareness & healing.

Dan is the co-founder & co-creator of Mind Tribes (, a yoga-inspired coaching company empowering leaders to transform how they live, work and contribute in the world.

Cristina is the co-founder of the yoga-inspired coaching company Mind Tribes (, the founder of her own brand, Cristina Houston, and a Certified Whole30 Coach. She is wildly passionate about empowering people to transform how they relate to themselves, their careers, their relationships, and their “why,” and is creating transformational programs for women specifically to be whole and complete in all areas of life.

Her teaching is known for its precision, loving space, and challenge, all while leaving students feeling empowered and taken care of. Cristina lives through her core values of possibility, leadership, integrity, and growth and believes that when we are clear on and live through our own unique values, we can make the impact we’re out to make in this World.