MT Mentorship Program

Become A Bold Leader with Mind Tribes


This program develops you as a leader capable of creating workshops & programs that make a remarkable difference in the world. Your course leaders guide you through 220 hours of direct instruction to enable you to creatively design & facilitate your own signature content.

You and a team of inspired mentees will discover how to build and sustain communities that can move your vision forward powerfully. By participating, Dan & Cristina become your personal performance coaches. We are committed to sharing the invaluable attitudes, distinctions, structures, and tools that have made our life and business possible.

What You Can Expect

By participating in this program you will experience a breakthrough in…

> Team & Community: Create a network of conversations for transformation while contributing and being contributed to.

> Facilitation & Impact: Experience a profound shift in your ability to imagine, create and deliver content that makes a lasting difference.

> Moving Conversations: Gain mastery in reliably moving conversations forward in all areas of your life.

> Global Leadership: Become a bold leader for Mind Tribes; causing our future and making our work available in the world.


> LIVE Training Weekends: First and last weekend are LIVE (face-to-face) events located in Houston (Weekend #1) and Boise (Weekend #2). Participants are responsible for any travel & accomodation.

> Virtual Coach & Cause Sessions: These weekly 2-hour virtual group coaching calls empower you to generate powerful conversations to cause consistent, measurable results.

> Weekly Global Team Meeting: These weekly 45-minute virtual calls develop your ability to listen, speak, and engage mindfully with Mind Tribes.

> Leading Classes & Workshops: One major component of this program is that we work together to launch your own online workshops, coaching events, and/or movement classes. The minimum requirement of the program is that you lead one 90-minute online MY TRIBE workshop.


Pay In Full: $2,250
Payment Plan: $2,499
($500 deposit + 12 biweekly payments of $179.08)

*Deposit is non-refundable and transferable once for the next subsequent program. 


Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less by Greg McKeown.

The 4 Disciplines of Execution: Achieving Your Wildly Important Goals by Chris McChesney, Jim Huling, and Sean Covey.


We are a husband and wife duo committed to people and transformation. Dan and Cristina spend their time between Houston, Los Angeles, Pittsburgh, Lancaster, Mexico City, and a host of other cities across North America leading Mind Tribes trainings & seminars.



We are committed to create a life where there’s an abundance of time, financial wealth & freedom. Mind Tribes’s robust programs & offerings are products of the depth of personal growth & development we’ve taken on for ourselves – as individuals and as the remarkable couple we choose to be.



We are standing for the possibility that if we’ve been able to access & reliably use the tools to live an adventurous and transformed life, then anyone can get access for themselves. The core of our work is powerfully dealing with & clearing what’s holding you back, and then experience a radical expansion in your capacity to generate results in the areas of life that matter most to you.


Spring 2020 Dates

Weekend 1 | Boise, ID

March 21st & 22nd

Weekend 2 | Virtual Weekend

June 13th & 14th

Weekend 3 | Boise, ID

September 12th & 13th


*Weekly Team Call & Coaching Sessions are scheduled at Weekend #1.