Online Workshop // (Re)Igniting Your Inner Spark

with Jason Konopinski


Join Jason Konopinski on TUESDAY, OCT. 8th from 8pm-9pm (EST) for an online MT Life workshop. In this online workshop, participants will tap into their own limitless capacity to create beauty in their lives and the lives of those around them by clearing the energetic blocks that choke off self-expression.

Participants will learn:
  • tools and techniques for sourcing inspiration and full self-expression to be with others in generous listening;
  • self-care practices designed to empower and allow for unfettered creativity; and,
  • how to show up powerfully and authentically in their communities.


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Workshop Only: $10


Jason is a creative visionary, yogi and spiritual seeker. He has been teaching yoga and meditation since 2015 in Pennsylvania, Maryland and New Jersey. His own spiritual journey and awakening goes back nearly 20 years. Committed to helping others discover the life-changing benefits of movement and meditation, Jason approaches teaching and coaching with a smile and unbridled adventure.


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