~ Eugene F. Ware

Early Bird Tuition (Ends Feb. 4th): $550

Regular Tuition: $695

Deposit: $200



Declare & Deliver 5.0 is a virtual coaching program that launches on Sunday, February 24th, 2019.


Declare & Deliver is an intimate, 3-month coaching program that empowers you to boldly generate & follow through on daily actions in alignment with your most inspiring goals.

This program is open to creatives & entrepreneurs ready to cause a dramatic elevation in their performance. If you’ve dreamt of starting your own business, completing a fitness or clean eating program, writing a book, creating a nonprofit, or to be more effective in your existing position, this program is designed with you in mind!



The corporate definition of performance is synonymous with endless hours of work, stress, and the need to make shit happen. While some of these outcomes are valid, having a mindful performance coach ensures that you are responsible for balancing the need for your own personal ease, space, and connection as you pursue & achieve greatness.

If you’re forced to compromise your own physical, mental or social wellbeing to achieve your dreams and goals, we believe you’ve missed the mark in a big, big way.



If you’re reading this, YOU are our muse. You are courageous enough to finally declare, “Enough! I choose to live my life as a wild adventure, and I’m willing to do whatever it takes to deliver on that vision.” 

Maybe you’re already living into a powerful vision, yet you’re still present to a persistent gap in your performance that leaves you feeling blocked or stagnant. Your course leader & your performance coach empower you to generate a tipping point in your performance. Their mission is to enable you to reliably deliver on new, invigorating actions related to your vision & goals.


As a participant in this course, you receive:

  • Four 3-Hour Work Sessions: Large-group ZOOM sessions are led by the Course Leader, and are designed to provide you with tools & distinctions for living into your vision & goals powerfully.


  • One-On-One Weekly Coaching: You receive a Mind Tribes performance coach who is a Declare & Deliver graduate and is highly-trained in the distinctions of the course. Your weekly coaching calls are designed as a space for you to celebrate wins & breakthroughs, drive weekly progress, transform breakdowns, and unveil and dissolve disempowering habits.


  • Access to a Mastery Results Coach: In addition to your regular weekly coaching calls, you receive access to one of Mind Tribes’s co-founders. This highly-trained leader is at the ready to support you with goal- and project-specific deliverable to ensure you radically follow through on your word. We’ve added this structure as our commitment that you’re remarkably powerful AND productive during the course.


  • A Community of Fellow Creators & Entrepreneurs: Your program connects you to a global tribe of mindful goal-getters on a similar vibration. The most remarkable outcome of your participation is the lasting, deep connections you will form that will carry your personal & professional growth forward.


A full-time mover and student at heart, Dan is known for his ability to blend movement principles with applied anatomy. He is committed to empowering his students to adopt a whole-life movement paradigm that provides them access to an individualized & pain-free practice.

Dan is deeply passionate about goal setting & performance coaching. He has a keen ability for dwelling in possibility and results-based coaching that produces dramatic results for his clients and partners. Dan strives to be the embodiment of declaring and deliver on living into his purpose in the world.

As a teacher, Dan is committed to truthfully, reliably & effectively sharing the yoga tradition in a safe container of transformative learning. On this path, he aims to guide students to be responsible for cultivating their own personal practice, joint & bone health, energetic awareness, & healing from Trauma.



Work Session 1 | Sunday, Feb. 24th (10AM–1PM, CST)

Work Session 2 | Sunday, Mar. 10th (10AM–1PM, CST)

Work Session 3 | Sunday, Mar. 31st (10AM–1PM, CST)

Work Session 4 | Sunday, April 14th (10AM–1PM, CST)

*Weekly coaching calls are scheduled one week before Session 1.