In my last BLOG I made a critical connection – that our biggest breakthroughs are housed inside our biggest fears and breakdowns.


Now what I didn’t mention are some of my secret weapons to stand in the face of what I like to call The Counterfeit. This phenomenon is akin to what author Seth Godin calls The Resistance.


Let’s say you muster up the confidence to face an area of life in which you’ve been pretending, or that you’ve been afraid to address. Well, it’s also important to understand that our biology is wired to counter what occurs to it (the ego) as a life-or-death threat.


Standing in the face of your biggest disappointments and fears – if it’s done in a clear and authentic way – usually translates to the risk of looking bad in front of others, particularly those who currently respect & trust us.

The counterfeit (which I’ll now reference as a lowercase “c”) mobilizes in moments like this, and it can show up as a proverbial wall to showcase all of our perceived deficiencies or personal flaws – many of which have been embedded in our subconscious for a long time.


Here’s the first step in initiating a rewire and an upgrade in your mental patterns: Always remember that the wall the counterfeit erects is only paper thin. All you need do is stand in the gap between you and your fear, reach out, and drive your pointer-finger through the barrier.


Now, everything I’ve shared up to this point is pretty conceptual, so here are two more tangible ingredients to generate space for regular, reliable and more consistent breakthroughs.


First, choose a language upgrade AND enroll a partner (whether that’s a coach, friend, life partner, or committed listener) in keeping you accountable for speaking affirming words of truth and personal kindness. To be clear, this doesn’t mean ignoring the old, disempowering mental tapes that creep and high-jack our thoughts and beliefs. It means acknowledging these thoughts aloud when they arise, and replacing them with a chosen, more empowering language precision.


This one-to-one accountability structure was the literal inspiration for our Mind Tribes core vision & goals program, Declare & Deliver.


The other secret ingredient that ALWAYS makes the difference is to surround yourself with a positive, powerful community of people committed to living remarkable lives and supporting others. I’m mindful to leave much space for people to define what constitutes a “remarkable life”, but my personal definite purpose in life is to cause a world where people win and are free to be their truest selves.


I’m constantly reminded that our healing lies in our deep-rooted connections with others, and with other sentient beings. When we’re in communion with other purposeful humans and our natural world we are firmly protected from the selfish will of our unconscious, material domestication.


For me, this understand brings a new meaning to the phrase “find your tribe and love them hard.”   


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Much love and happy moving!

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