Managing Your 3 Energies: Strategies for Working Mindfully

The dominant energies that intersect and ultimately dictate our moment-to-moment work flow are: (1) optimal creative energy, (2) low-fi energy (also described here as our “dip”), and (3) dullness or lethargy. In my co-leadership of a yoga-inspired business (Mind Tribes), a yoga-based nonprofit (In-Powered), and my regular private and group yoga sessions, working mindfully necessitates…

Lindsay McClelland – Living the Process, Loving the Race

What a tremendous honor on this our first #TribeThursday to connect you an absolute powerhouse in the Houston fitness community, Lindsay McClelland. She’s a passionate runner , a Houston Marathon & California International Marathon Ambassador, a yoga teacher, a digital story teller, a foodie, and an all-around lover of life!

Oh…and…did we mention she recently qualified for the 2018 Boston Marathon?

Using Failure as a Tool

I got to spend this past weekend in Chicago with some dear friends and to witness Dan step into a whole new level of leadership through his Landmark training. Being around such extraordinary people, I was reminded of just how big of a person I get to be for the World, and how much I haven’t been living into that bigness. The craziest part is, I have a powerhouse group of people in all areas of my life who listen to and see me as my biggest self; yet for the last few weeks I’ve been hiding, playing small and avoiding failure. I have ideas, thoughts and desires I want to share with the world, and have completely talked myself out of sharing them because I didn’t want them to fail.