Michael: One thing I experienced in Declare & Deliver wasn’t so much in the calendaring and the morning routine, but what I can cause in my own life from doing these things.

So what I’m curious from you is: What was your big take-away, or what did you notice came up in your life by participating in this program?

Rebecca: I was talking to Dan yesterday and I was saying the biggest change was my Language Precision, because I tend to tell myself a lot of stories.


So, using Language Precision to take a more positive approach to things, and catching myself, when I’m telling stories to myself has what really made a difference for me. Now, after the program, I just get to move forward and be fearless when I’m moving into the things that I’m creating.


Michael: I want to ask you a question, Rebecca. What is an example of some ways you would act prior to discovering Language Precision? And now, with your current understanding of the tool, how does it impact your ability to create possibility?


Rebecca: I think a lot of it was that I was using stories to be in a place of fear – saying that, “this person’s reacting this way,” or, “I can’t do something because of ‘this or that.’”


When I caught myself – noticing that it was a story, that it wasn’t true, or that it was just my perception of things – I was able to put that aside and to look forward to what I wanted to do. I discovered my ability to not take things to heart. To just say, “That’s a story,” and then move forward. It just opened up more space and peace for me to move forward.


Michael: Thank you, Rebecca!


I’m curious to hear from someone else related to your takeaways, and what’s possible now, through your participation in Declare & Deliver. How can you put these tools to work to achieve the goals you’re creating in your life?


Amor: [Laughing] Okay…this has been incredible! What I’ve gotten is an understanding of which action items get me closer to my goals EVERDAY.

So, if I do that action item once…or twice a day…it truly does get me closer. I’m SO clear… [laughing again] and getting clearer on my goals and what specific actions I can take. It’s almost like magic. I’m waiting to get a “NO” but I don’t get any “NOs” – I just keep getting all of the “YES’s”.


I wrote down all of the things that I got out of the program. I wish I could show you, but I’m not at my apartment right now. I wrote down all of my actions on a huge paper on my wall. So, every morning, I’d look at it. From there, I could just ask myself, “Okay…who am I BEING and what am I clearing? Am I being reasonable, or am I living in the world of performance?” Then I just take on my day!


Michael: Wow! Well, since you’re already so clear about your goals, what are some of things you’ve achieved and what are you out to achieve in the future?


Amor: Oh my God! I’m glad you asked. So, when I arrived to New York at this job, I just knew I could do more. I could commit to more. I could do more. I could connect with people more. So, it wasn’t necessarily what I wanted to do, but I knew I had to do the work – that it was necessary to sacrifice in some areas.


Eventually, I started talking to people to share my goals, my dreams, and a lot about Declare & Deliver. I started talking about who I was and what I wanted to accomplish in New York City. And, through my sharing, this woman I connected with – whom I love now – connected me to a Community Leadership position at the company I now work at, which is called Atheta.

So, I met the Hiring Manager for an informal conversation…and they hired me on the spot! So, I received my final offer on Friday, and I’ve only been here for a month and a half. This happened because I got really clear on what I wanted to do and who I wanted to be.


The position is a Community Leader role at Athleta, so we’re responsible for putting together community events and classes. It’s an everyday thing…and I’m really getting to know my surroundings. It’s totally aligned with my values of (a) having a huge reach of community, (b) bringing yoga to people, and (c) bringing yoga to kids. It also allows me to embody my skills and my intention to reach as many people as I can.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this possibility-filled conversation. For your FREE 1-hour coaching call directly with Dan, please email [email protected] or call 713-306-9802 to book your session. During this call you’ll learn more about Declare & Deliver and how you can register. 

For more info about the course: www.mind-tribes.com/goals

Much love and keep moving,

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