Online Workshop // Balance You

with Antonio Manega


Join Antonio Manega on FRIDAY, Oct. 25th from 6:45pm-7:45pm (CST) for online MT Life Workshop.
In this workshop we will discover how our vitality is directly connected to our relationship with food. Informed self-care begins with great nutrition and is best maintained through lifestyle practices that uplift and replenish.
The workshop will provide: Access to basic Ayurveda practices; how to maintain health and happiness by cooking your own meals; and, knowing your Dosha and staying balanced.


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Being Italian, food has always played an important role in my life and my earliest memories are of my mother in her kitchen. She was self-taught, yet knew exactly how to cook and serve everything. I learned at her side, observing how she worked with ingredients. I helped when I could. She’d ask me to pass the herbs and spices, add the salt, or a little more water or olive oil. Through her, I learned the importance and balance of each ingredient and how it could enhance flavor and heighten satisfaction. I wanted to cook as she did.
I discovered the healing power of food in my early forties when my well-being was affected by weight. I started noticing that particular food types robbed me of energy and mental clarity. Through the process of elimination, I discovered a diet that suited me both physically and spiritually — a plant-based diet fueled by fresh juices that brought back vitality and endurance, returned me to my optimal weight, and has helped me maintain a balanced life and overall joy.