Meet Up // Balance You

with Antonio Manega


Join Antonio Manega on FRIDAY, September 20th from 6:45pm-8:00pm (CST) for this complimentary community event intended to cause global connection & contribution. This is also a wonderful opportunity for you to be a part of the Mind Tribes movement for love and transformation!
In this workshop, you will discover how our vitality is directly connected to our relationship with food. Informed self-care begins with great nutrition and is best maintained through lifestyle practices that uplift and replenish..
Be ready for…
What is Ayurveda and its basic principles.
What Are the Doshas and how they affect our vitality.
• Discover how easy and fast preparing nutritious meals can be.


Meet Up Location: Jay Krasoff’s Residence (6308 Haskell Street, Houston, Texas 77007)


FREE Community Event


Being Italian, food has always played an important role in my life and my earliest memories are of my mother in her kitchen. She was self-taught, yet knew exactly how to cook and serve everything. I learned at her side, observing how she worked with ingredients. I helped when I could. She’d ask me to pass the herbs and spices, add the salt, or a little more water or olive oil. Through her, I learned the importance and balance of each ingredient and how it could enhance flavor and heighten satisfaction. I wanted to cook as she did.
I discovered the healing power of food in my early forties when my well-being was affected by weight. I started noticing that particular food types robbed me of energy and mental clarity. Through the process of elimination, I discovered a diet that suited me both physically and spiritually — a plant-based diet fueled by fresh juices that brought back vitality and endurance, returned me to my optimal weight, and has helped me maintain a balanced life and overall joy.