Weekend Workshop Series


Cost Varies Based on Host Studio


Asana Deep Dive is a core Mind Tribes program designed for yoga students and teachers to deepen and invigorate their asana and pranayama practices.

Our 3-day program offers a practical method for integrating joint health AND opening the energetic channels of the body. You will also explore bones-based mechanics, fascia-focused anatomy, and breath tools to discover new-found levels of strength and longevity in practice.

For yoga teachers, this program will refine your practice in a way that empowers you to see, address and impact your students more effectively. Additionally, this training is recognized as Continuing Education under the Yoga Alliance.


Bones-Based Practice

Friday Evening Session (6:30pm-9:00pm)

This workshop guides students through a unique approach to movement, and their core attitude (“Process over Product”). By unlearning habitual patterns that are no longer serving you, you will learn how to utilize a bones-based methodology that develops greater bone density, stability, and increased physical strength within all-around daily movement.


Integral Anatomy: Unlocking the Hips + Shoulder

Saturday Morning Session (9:00am-11:30am)

This workshop focuses on the integration of the opposing girdles – the shoulder joint and the hip joint. Additionally, this session offers useful tools to reduce incidence of hip compression, shoulder impingement, and soft tissues damage caused by ineffective movement patterns.


Unraveling the Core

Saturday Afternoon Session (1:00pm-3:30pm)

Through inquiry, conscious conversation, and precise movement, you will have a thorough understanding of how our core plays an intricate role both in the way we live and move. We will explore everything from anatomy of the core muscles, to the way we relate to our centers, and play with floating in and out of postures.


2-Hour Vinyasa Tribe Practice

Sunday Morning Session (2:00pm-4:00pm)

This community class is a staple of who Mind Tribes is, and our teachers are known for delivering a deliberate, challenging, and transformational practice. This vigorous practice empowers course participants to connect & embody the unique elements presented in each workshop. This class is also open to other friends, family, and community members who wish to attend and be immersed in the energy of what our participant group has generated.


$195 (for Full Program)

Master Class (Only): $30

***Pre-Requisites: A minimum of 6 months of practice; Familiarity with essential elements of practice (e.g. Sun Salutations, Standing Postures, Arm Balances, Inversions, etc.). Times and cost may also vary based on host studio.***


A full-time mover and student at heart, Dan is known for his ability to blend movement principles with applied anatomy. He is committed to empowering his students to adopt a whole-life movement paradigm that provides them access to an individualized & pain-free practice.

Dan is deeply passionate about goal setting & performance coaching. He has a keen ability for dwelling in possibility and results-based coaching that produces dramatic results for his clients and partners. Dan strives to be the embodiment of declaring and deliver on living into his purpose in the world.

As a teacher, Dan is committed to truthfully, reliably & effectively sharing the yoga tradition in a safe container of transformative learning. On this path, he aims to guide students to be responsible for cultivating their own personal practice, joint & bone health, energetic awareness, & healing from Trauma.



Cristina is the co-founder of the yoga-inspired coaching company Mind Tribes (, the founder of her own brand, Cristina Houston, and a Certified Whole30 Coach. She is wildly passionate about empowering people to transform how they relate to themselves, their careers, their relationships, and their “why,” and is creating transformational programs for women specifically to be whole and complete in all areas of life.

Her teaching is known for its precision, loving space, and challenge, all while leaving students feeling empowered and taken care of. Cristina lives through her core values of possibility, leadership, integrity, and growth and believes that when we are clear on and live through our own unique values, we can make the impact we’re out to make in this World.


2019 DATES

YogaWork Houston (Midtown)

April 26th, 27th & 28th


November (Dates Coming Soon)


November (Dates Coming Soon)

2020 DATES

House of Yoga

January 17, 18 & 19