Mind Tribes is a yoga-inspired coaching company that empowers leaders and

teams to transform and realize their wildly important goals.

MOVE & Be Vital

The principles of movement are the driving force behind our work. Our programs are rooted in mindful movement and yoga as an access to you having enhanced physical and mental well-being.

EMBODY: Listen & Express

Embodiment is the practice of moving an idea, quality or feeling from conceptual to real. Using the practices of self-inquiry, deep listening and language expression, you will gain the tools necessary for producing tangible results that make a real difference in the world.

GROW: Expand & Contribute

Our vision for this business is that it is still around in 100 years. Everything we design originates from the space of growing into that future. To us, growth is not simply “more” or an increase in quantity. Rather, growth is an increase in quality and capacity. Think of it as expanding your plate size instead of adding more to a small plate.