We are coaches and curators empowering leaders to realize their wildly important goals.

Mind Tribes, MT, is a yoga-inspired coaching company that empowers you to close the gap between who you are and who you’re becoming. We guide clients through their individual process of transformation using our unique methodology to support full mind-body integration. With over a decade of experience in the personal development & training field, we offer yoga teacher certification, advanced anatomy trainings, and stand-out goal coaching & mentorship programs.



The principles of movement are the driving force behind our work. Our programs are rooted in mindful movement and yoga as an access to you having enhanced physical and mental well-being.



Embodiment is the practice of moving an idea, quality or feeling from conceptual to real. Using the practices of self-inquiry, deep listening and language precision, you will gain tools for producing tangible results that make a real difference in the world.



Everything we design originates from the space of growing into that future. To us, growth is not simply “more” or an increase in quantity. Rather, growth is an increase in quality and capacity. Think of it as expanding your plate size instead of adding more to a small plate.

MT Life Online Membership

MT Life is a community of movers, teachers, and conscious creators committed to living clear, possibility-driven lifestyles. Our intention is to enable you to experience dramatic breakthroughs in your beliefs around time, money, ability, and energy to engage deeply with the world around you.

We make this vision possible by curating deeply-engaging online & in-person conversations that serve as incubators for continued growth & transformation. We’re curating a network of loving humans committed to growing together, encouraging one another, and cross-pollinating to cause global transformation.

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Mentorship & Facilitation Program

This program develops you as a leader capable of creating workshops & programs that make a remarkable difference in the world. This program also enables you to creatively design & facilitate your own signature content using Mind Tribes organizational structures as a compass.

Spring 2020 Program Dates


Yoga Teacher Certification

As a MT certified yoga teacher, you will be empowered to lead effective & engaging yoga sessions for anyone, anywhere, and at anytime. By becoming a MT certified teacher, you get access to a Tribe of leaders, and a library of online resource, to enable you win clients, build your brand, and start living your Dharma.

200hr YTT Certification

300hr YTT (Coming Fall 2020)

Declare & Deliver is a mindfulness-inspired coaching series that supports you with the structures to boldly deliver on your wildly important goals. This virtual program empowers you to master your own language precision in order to consistently alter your own way of being. By mastering your moment-to-moment thought and language habits, you will also transform the way people, situations, and even your goals occur for you.

Virtual Goal Coaching Program

Winter Enrollment Period Dates

The Pranic Joints teacher training is a highly-focused anatomy & energetics weekend-based program designed for yoga teachers & serious movement practitioners. This system emphasizes knowledge and application of joint mechanics, fascia structure & mechanics, and organ energetics.

Pranic Joints Anatomy Training

Training Dates Coming Soon!