MT Life Membership Trial

“A group needs only two things to be a tribe:

A shared interest and a way to communicate.”


~ Seth Godin


MT Life is a community of everyday people committed to extraordinary, clear, and possibility-driven lifestyles. Our community is filled with people from all walks of life, including movers, yogis, goal-getters, movement teachers, anatomy enthusiasts, and so much more.

As a member of the MT Life family, we’re committed that you continually experience dramatic breakthroughs in your beliefs and ability to create results related to your confidence, time, wealth, intimate relationships, and your personal wellbeing and vitality.

We make this vision possible by curating deeply-engaging virtual & face-to-face conversations that serve as incubators for our collective growth & transformation. The MT Faculty and community is a network of deeply connected, loving humans committed to growing together, encouraging one another, and radically altering our agreement about what’s possible in the world.


> Monthly community coaching call with Dan & Cristina.

> Weekly newsletters connecting you to our latest resources.

> Access to our video dashboard ( with sequences, meditations, coaching videos, Whole30 recipes, and more.

> Monthly online workshops (which are recorded for later viewing).


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There are many online yoga membership options, but what sets MY TRIBE apart is that we are a platform FOR community created BY community. In other words, our Tribe lives, grows and evolves through your direct participation & contribution.

Here are some other benefits:

> An archive of resources from experts and coaches from around the country. This gives you access to learning at your own pace, with your personal schedule in mind.

> A deeper sense of confidence in executing your yoga knowledge and skill – as a student OR a yoga teacher.

> Authentic connections with our team and our community, which includes LIVE Coaching Office Hours with our core leadership team. Unlike other static online communities, MY TRIBE benefits you by welcoming you into a community ready to transform and move the collective yoga & mindfulness conversation forward.